About MAH

The Middletown Anglers & Hunters began its operation at 1350 Schoolhouse Road in Middletown, PA in March 1937, the dream of several residents of the Middletown area who began the process of forming what is known today as the Middletown Anglers’ & Hunters’ Association.  Their mission statement was a simple one:

The purpose shall be to protect and propagate fish and game; to assist in all lawful ways in the conservation of forests and streams and in the making and enforcement of the Fish and Game Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In 1936, the original name was to be the Middletown Anglers Association. This name was approved in January 1937 and the members voted on this in February 1937.

After some careful thought, the founding members felt that the name should be changed to the Middletown Anglers & Hunters Association. The paper trail began again and everything was approved effective February 28,1937. As a result of the name change and the fact that our club began its operation under the name of the Middletown Anglers & Hunters Association effective March 1, 1937, we have deemed the month of March our anniversary month. Our first actual anniversary celebration was held during the month of March, 1997 after 60 years of operation. We then had another anniversary celebration in March, 2007. We had another anniversary celebration in March 2012 and just celebrated our 80th anniversary in March 2017.

Many of our current members have relatives that played a part in the development of our club and we are be thankful that they were able to turn their dream into a reality.  Today we are as strong an organization as we were in 1937.  Thanks to all of our members for helping to create and promote a very successful sportsmen’s club.

The Middletown Anglers & Hunters is very active within the communities it serves. We support the Londonderry Athletic Association, Londonderry Fire Company, Londonderry Elementary School and the Sunset Golf Course. In addition to our local community endeavors, we also support many organizations throughout Dauphin County such as the Ronald McDonald House, Bethesda Mission, American Red Cross, and the Wreaths Across America program at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.

Each year, the Middletown Anglers & Hunters works with the Londonderry Elementary School and sponsors an annual “Angel” program during the Christmas holiday’s. We sponsor many families within Londonderry Township. Many members’ within the association volunteer their time to help prepare and deliver the food baskets and toys to the families we sponsor. To see the smile on the kid’s faces makes it all worthwhile. Santa Clause and his Elves help deliver the packages to the families. The Middletown Anglers & Hunters would like to thank those members’ who help support the Angel program, along with the many other fundraisers and activities we sponsor and participate in throughout the year.